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Lice Happens - Lice Removal and Lice treatment Boston



Lice Happens provides a professional mobile lice treatment and removal clinic that travels from home to home in the Boston area. Their specialties include professional lice removal and education on lice prevention.

This mobile family service center provides discreet, private, and confidential treatment to those suffering from lice. They take the stress away from clients who are trying to eliminate lice on their own. Clients no longer have to travel to a public salon or store to buy toxic treatments to get rid of lice.

Lice Happens offers non-toxic, pesticide free, environmentally friendly treatments to families. These treatments have no side effects are are gentle. Prior to the treatment being applied, their trained Specialists will check each member of the household to ensure that everybody who is suffering from lice is treated. After treatment is applied, the specialists will finely comb through clients’ hair to remove eggs (nits) and lice from the hair and scalp. Each Specialist with this company is trained on how to treat children and they offer soothing and calming treatments to kids of a young age. All services are salon quality.

Lice Happens says, “Our professional head lice treatment Specialists not only end the cycle of lice but most importantly provide you with the education and hands on training needed to prevent future outbreaks.”

This team trains and educates families on how to properly clean their homes to get rid of lingering bugs. They dispel any myths that are associated with cleanliness of the home and head lice and provide tips on how to prevent a head lice outbreak in the future.

Lice Happens is available for emergency lice removal services as well as appointments in the Boston area and also serves Newton, Braintree, Andover, Lexington, and Reading. For more information about this company, visit their Google+ page at https://plus.google.com/113503393385860065181

About: Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal family service center located in Boston, MA

Address: 48 Florence Street, Somerville, MA, 02145

Phone: (862) 224-6945

Contact: Kevin Byram

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Lice Removal and Head Lice Treatment South Jersey



At Lice Happens, (4 Doncaster Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 (856) 562-2212) a mobile lice removal service in South Jersey, all of our highly trained specialists are subject matter experts when it comes to head lice removal and treatment.


Lice are parasitic insects that are found on the human head and body including pubic area and survive by feeding on your blood. There are three types of lice that live human:

Pediculus humunas corpos- they are found on the body and clothes;

Pediculus humunus capitis- found on the head;

Body lice are the most common and can spread diseases.

Lice are not spread by cats, dogs or other pets but through person-to-person contact. Unfortunately, getting rid of lice can be overwhelming and a daunting task, bearing in mind they effects they can have on your health and the health of your loved ones. It can affect your family in different ways, including poor self-esteem, diseases, or disrupt your normal daily routines with missed days of work and school, just to mention a few.

However, with professional lice removal services, you can get rid of lice hassle free. Having been providing lice removal services for years, they are highly experienced to guarantee 100% satisfaction within a single visit. With professional services, from Lice Magic, you will never struggle with lice again. They provide mobile lice removal services; technicians will show up immediately with all the equipment. Call them today!+

Our location: Lice Magic LLC - 16903 Highway 119, Black Hawk, CO 80422 303-642-0749


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Karaoke DJ Denver CO



If you are looking for a DJ or Karaoke DJ in the Denver Co area, call us @ 720-495-0979 to schedule your gig!

Karaoke always spices up a party! Whether it’s a casual get together at a friend’s house, a family function, or a corporate event, karaoke isa sure fire way to loosen things up and ensure guests have a great time! To take it to the next level, why not hire a Karaoke DJ? A karaoke DJ ensures that your party will go off without a hitch. Karaoke DJs have a wide selection of music, usually ranging from a large time span and through many different genres. How about 1970s rock or 2000s country? You name it, they’ve probably got it, and it’s going to sound great.

State of the art karaoke software, mixers, microphones, and speakers used by an experienced karaoke DJ are going to make sure that everything sounds top notch and clear to the audience. All that has to happen is to get the crowd to participate!


Heartbeat Events 16903 CO-119, Black Hawk, CO 80422 (720) 495-0979

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Call Call 303-642-0749 - Lice Removal & Treatment Denver CO

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Lice are tough! Let the experts do the work for you! Contact us today so we can help you will fast and effective lice removal and treatment for the Denver Colorado area! Our mobile lice treatment and removal salon is ready to help you with any lice emergency!

Our location: Lice Magic LLC 16903 Colorado 119 Black Hawk, CO 80422 (303)-642-0749+

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Healthy Back

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Finding a good chiropractor can be tough. Call Dr. Owen today! If you are in the Salem, Oregon area and are experiencing pain, then we can help! Take a look at our video below and visit us on Yelp and Facebook!